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By Katherine A. Applegate

Every little thing the Animorphs have ever recognized is ready to change... The Yeerks suspect that the socalled "Andalite Bandits" are human in the end. And the Animorphs be aware of it really is only a topic of time prior to the Yeerks study their identities and infest them...and their households. whatever significant should be performed speedy. simply because now, the Animorphs can let you know who they are--and that adjustments every little thing.

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Cassie attacked. Elbow blade around the Blue Band's shoulder. He spun. "FILTH. " Swung at Cassie. His different arm was once nonetheless wrapped round Marco's throat. I lunged for it. Clamped down. I ripped a beakfull of dermis and muscle from his forearm. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH. " The Blue Band published his grip. Marco tumbled ahead and that i stuck him. The Blue Band leaped for us. Cassie rammed him from the part. Her horns pierced his dermis. He toppled over the wall of pcs. Marco sagged opposed to me. Blood gushed from his gaping pit of face. I referred to as. he ordered. I dragged Marco around the flooring, sliding and stumbling via our bodies and blood. Cassie lined our rear. A Hork-Bajir hit the ground. Ax, nonetheless locked in bladed strive against with Blue Bands. Fwwwap! Fwwwap! Fwwwap-fwwwap! he stated. The subconscious Hork-Bajir safeguard nonetheless lay, unmoving, by way of the door. Jake slid the palm of the guard's quit the door's access pad. The door did not budge. He slid the guard's palm over the pad back. not anything. The human-Controller cackled. She was once status underneath the digital map. "I took the precaution of deleting the guard's DNA from the safety database sooner than we entered the room. " She aimed the Dracon at Jake. "You're trapped, dearies. " Jake dropped the guard's arm and slid his personal palm over the pad. Banged it. driven it. Doubled his fist and punched it. not anything. Then . . . thick steel prongs erupted in the course of the doorways. The prongs rose. The doorways crumpled open. "GrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWR! " Rachel, in grizzly morph, bounded throughout the establishing. in the back of her within the passageway sat the monster forklift from the circus, motor rumbling. she instructed Jake. Jake leaped onto the forklift. "No! " The human-Controller clattered towards us. Rounded the pc financial institution and leveled the Dracon. Thwwwap! Ax's tail struck. as soon as. aspect of his blade to the part of her head. The Controller dropped to the ground, subconscious. the rest Blue Bands lunged at Ax. "GrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWR! " Rachel batted them along with her tremendous grizzly paws. I lifted Marco. Jake and that i hauled him during the entrance of the forklift. I leaped up after him, grew to become, and stuck a glimpse of the" map. The orange mild was once nonetheless blinking. I pulled Marco out of the forklift, into the passageway. Ax leaped down after us, then Cassie, then Jake. Rachel dropped her thousand-pound grizzly butt into the driver's seat. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. The forklift sponsored up. The mangled doorways slammed close, locked into position by means of the lift's steel prongs. Rachel barreled down from the forklift. Jake and that i every one thrust a shoulder below Marco's fingers. We bounded down the passageway. Crunched over crumbled Sheetrock, damaged glass, blood. Rachel used to be within the lead, Ax and Cassie on the rear.

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